Here’s a post from three years ago where I discuss how a virus knocked me off my feet in late February/early March. Last year, I had shingles at this time. This year, I’m sitting here waiting to find out if I can go back to work because of COVID-19 restrictions. I’m sensing a bit of a theme . . .

Star Struck Style

serious-concernsHugh Laurie (source:

I Googled the word “serious” to see what sort of images would come up, and this one struck my fancy. The funny thing about seeing a grouchy-looking photo of Hugh Laurie appear in the top-five search results is that it was accompanied by photos of both Donald Trump and Kanye West. All three men are Geminis!

I don’t normally associate Gemini natives with a serious disposition. Saturn-ruled Capricorn individuals like me are usually the ones that are told to “lighten up.” In fact, the reason I was looking for a “serious” photo was because I had just noticed that the sun conjuncts my natal Saturn in less than a day. In theory, that should be the sort of aspect that tells someone like me to “get serious.”

I do know what I need to get serious about. I spent the last week with the flu…

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