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I Googled the word “serious” to see what sort of images would come up, and this one struck my fancy. The funny thing about seeing a grouchy-looking photo of Hugh Laurie appear in the top-five search results is that it was accompanied by photos of both Donald Trump and Kanye West. All three men are Geminis!

I don’t normally associate Gemini natives with a serious disposition. Saturn-ruled Capricorn individuals like me are usually the ones that are told to “lighten up.” In fact, the reason I was looking for a “serious” photo was because I had just noticed that the sun conjuncts my natal Saturn in less than a day. In theory, that should be the sort of aspect that tells someone like me to “get serious.”

I do know what I need to get serious about. I spent the last week with the flu, and that experience has left me feeling rather humbled. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been discussing the ingress of Chiron into my sixth house and how that might affect me on a personal level. Of course, there’s a health connection with the sixth house that I’ve sort of dismissed because I’m already a healthy guy.

But maybe I do need to get serious about my health. I assume that I’m going to live forever because I take care of myself, and then I get sick and I realize that I’m not immortal. It makes me wonder how people who aren’t naturally robust deal with illness. It’s no surprise that people actually die from the flu. This stupid virus just kicked my ass.

Anyway, I’ve learned something from all of this. I need to get serious about my health during flu season. This is the last time I’m going to allow this to happen. I’m getting the flu shot next year. Seriously, there’s no glory in being a stubborn jerk.

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    Here’s a post from three years ago where I discuss how a virus knocked me off my feet in late February/early March. Last year, I had shingles at this time. This year, I’m sitting here waiting to find out if I can go back to work because of COVID-19 restrictions. I’m sensing a bit of a theme . . .


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