This post from a couple of years back describes how I’m feeling today. This yearly shift in my horoscope is quite reliable!

Star Struck Style

lesley_gore_sings-of-mixed-up-heartsLesley Gore (source: JWA)

I’ve been blogging about the benefits of keeping a blog for a while now. As as astrologer who is supposed to be paying attention to the recurring patterns in my life, keeping a journal of some kind is an essential tool of the trade. It took me forty years to learn that, but I’m finally on the right track.

Anyway, last year’s post from the day that the sun moved into my fifth house has a very similar tone to what I had intended to write about today. I’m feeling optimistic, expressive and ready to embrace changes that might otherwise frighten me. I’m emboldened. I’m hopeful. I’m ready to sing about sunshine, lollipops, rainbows and everything else that is wonderful.

I’ve never really thought of the fourth house as a dark place (I have a Cancer moon, after all), but I suppose that it could…

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