Jason Kenney (source: Global News)

This is Jason Kenney, the Gemini Premier of the province where I live in Canada. Like most Gemini politicians, he’s a two-faced, opportunistic sack of crap.

Anyway, Jason held a press conference yesterday to explain how the province intends to loosen some of the restrictions regarding current COVID-19 protocols. According to news stories like the one linked above, those loosened restrictions involve opening up gyms and restaurants. However, the fine print tells another story. Only one-on-one training will be allowed in fitness facilities — whatever that means — so the gym where I work won’t actually be opening.

As soon as the press conference was over, I was getting messages from friends asking me about the changes. I also got an email from the CEO of the YMCA telling me that the new changes to the restrictions were not going to result in the reopening of the gym.

The reason that I am discussing this story on my astrology blog is because this was all going on during a Mercury station. Mercury goes retrograde this morning where I live. I’m always going on and on about how Mercury’s retrograde phases are used as a scapegoat by astrologers when they should be focusing on the times when Mercury is stationary. I believe that three-day period is when things really get messed up. Yesterday’s press conference took place during a Mercury station, and the information provided was not only delivered in an incoherent fashion, but it was also misinterpreted by the media. In simpler terms, it was a fucking mess.

The potential for more miscommunication will be in the air this weekend. I’ll probably click the “Publish” button on this post and then realize that I’ve missed a few words or made a spelling mistake or two. That’s just how things work during a Mercury station. Once the planet gets moving again (even when it is moving backwards through the zodiac), words begin to flow more freely. Also, it becomes less likely that our words will be misconstrued.

So, watch what you have to say this weekend. Now if you’ll excuse me, I probably have some editing to do . . .

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