Ben Shapiro (source: New York Times)

January 15 is Ben Shapiro’s birthday.

A lot of astrologers make assumptions about people based upon three particular components of their horoscopes: the sun sign, the moon sign and the rising sign. Many of us go as far as including that information in our Twitter and Instagram profiles so that anyone who reads it will know exactly who we are.

I agree that you can learn a lot about an individual just by glancing at those chart placements. However, without an accurate time of birth, it’s impossible to determine someone’s rising sign without resorting to conjecture. For that reason, I’ve been looking at a couple of different three-part planetary combinations to see if the celebrities who share them have something in common. This all started when I realized how much I admire several individuals who share my sun/Mercury/Venus combo.

Over the last few days, though, I’ve been noticing that a lot of Capricorn celebrities who also have Mercury in Capricorn are assholes. Take Ben Shapiro, for example. He’s a troll, both literally and figuratively.

Anyway, Shapiro has both the sun and Mercury in Capricorn, and the moon in Gemini. I was hoping that I would enter those three placements into the search tool on and discover a whole list of assholes, but I didn’t. I’ve had much better luck with the sun/Mercury/Venus combo confirming my own biases. That search puts Ben Shapiro in a club that includes Kim Jong-Un, Jared Kushner and Kid Rock.

A long time ago, I mentioned somewhere on this blog that it would be great to write up personality profiles using all 180 possible sun/Mercury/Venus combinations. I was considering swapping out Venus for the moon, but looking into Ben Shapiro’s chart actually makes me realize that my original idea is probably the best approach. I not only believe in the validity of using that planetary combination to profile celebrities, but using Venus instead of the moon (or the rising sign) would make the project accessible to people who have no idea what time they were born.

So, I guess I should thank Ben Shapiro for inadvertently pointing me in the right direction. I guess he’s good for something after all . . .

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