Orville Peck (source: Washington Latest)

January 6 is Orville Peck’s birthday . . . or is it?

“Famous Birthdays,” the most unreliable source for famous birthdays on the internet, has the country music star listed amongst today’s birthdays. While it would delight me to share my own birthday with the guy, I don’t put a lot of confidence in the information listed on the site because it is wrong so frequently.

However, I can believe that Orville Peck shares my birthday because he’s my kind of weirdo. We seem to have a lot in common, too. We’re both from Canada. I like to wear cowboy shirts. My grandpa’s name is Orville. I know, right?

Anyway, if the birthday mentioned on “Famous Birthdays” is correct (January 6, 1988), Peck has a little more in common astrologically with Marlene Dietrich and Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele than he does with me. The trio would not only share the sun in Capricorn, but also the moon in Leo and Venus in Aquarius. I can buy that. Capricorn natives can be masterful at crafting a marketable image almost entirely on their own terms. Combined with a showy Leo moon, it’s a great combination to possess in the era of social media. Orville Peck proves that.

I’d love to confirm his birthday, but I don’t know if that is ever going to happen. Nevertheless, I’ll be happy to let him into my club — even if he isn’t ready to show me his ID. There’s a special place in the VIP section for guys like him.

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