When it comes to personal style, I’m delighted to be in the same company as this guy. Even though it’s not my birthday until tomorrow, our shared solar return happens in about two hours from now.

Star Struck Style

mv5byzi4ytkxmmmtngq1zi00zdbilwezytctzje4oty0yte3yta5xkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynjmxnde2odu@._v1_Marilyn Manson (source: IMDB)

January 5 is Marilyn Manson’s birthday.

I owe something to Marilyn Manson. Bear with me while I tell this story . . .

I suppose that I was about fifteen when I really started to appreciate fashion. Like a lot of teenagers, though, my sense of fashion quickly started to turn toward what was odd, or different, or shocking — I just liked whatever seemed weird to me at the time.

The next phase I went through was the one where I discovered “taste.” Of course, it was more fun to have bad taste in the mid-eighties than it was to have good taste. It was the decade of over-the-top everything and defying convention with exuberant excess.

By the late eighties and early nineties, however, I was exploring ideas of beauty more than notions of taste. I was asking myself why this was considered to…

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