Fuck these fuckers.

Star Struck Style

trump-family-men-ss17Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. (source: Vanity Fair)

December 31 is Donald Trump Jr.’s birthday.

Yes, you read that correctly: Donald Trump Jr. is a Capricorn. His brother Eric is a Capricorn, too. And just when you thought that this story couldn’t get any worse, Eric shares his birthday with me. I know, right?

Now before you put your fist through a wall or reject astrology altogether and Google “how to become a Scientologist,” let me explain something about us Capricorns. We get a lot of bad press for being greedy and materialistic. I remember reading something that offended me in a Sydney Omarr book when I was a kid. It was a list of key phrases that were supposed to define the signs. For Capricorn, the phrase was “I use.”

I was offended because it was the only phrase that seemed to have a negative connotation. Who…

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