“The Matrix” (source: Metro)

Nine months ago I was in a situation that is eerily similar to the situation I am in today. I had just been laid off due to COVID-19. Saturn had just moved into Aquarius. A bunch of planets were occupying my fourth house. I was worried about how I was going to adapt to being stuck at home.

And then the pendulum began to swing back the other way. All those outer planets in my fourth house began retrograde cycles that took them back to my third house where they spent most of the summer and fall, and I spent my time off worrying that I couldn’t figure out what I had to say to an audience that had its own concerns to worry about. This week, on the first day of winter, the pendulum will swing back far enough to see Pluto cross my IC and enter my fourth house — effectively ending this cycle on the same day that Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in Aquarius.

While I do feel a sense of déjà vu, like Keanu Reeves did when he found the glitch in “The Matrix,” I also feel a sense of optimism because I know that I won’t ever be in this place again. Not only has the pendulum swung back in the other direction, but it’s also gained enough momentum to carry me right over the top during this upcoming cycle.

I know that it sounds ridiculous to express my hopefulness for what the future holds when the world where I live just got shut down again, but I do feel terrific. Maybe that’s the real glitch in the matrix. Perhaps some wires are crossed in my brain, because I haven’t felt this good for ages. Astrologically, it makes sense, but intellectually my mind is telling me something else. The potential for things to get worse before they get better is still looming over all of us, and yet I can’t help feeling like the only way to go is up.

2021 is going to be a good year for me. I just know it.

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