Mars Bar (source: Business Insider)

Mars moves into my seventh house today. It was there for a while earlier in the year before it slipped back into my sixth house for a five-week stay that coincided with a rather tense time at the gym where I work. Now that the planet has moved out its stationary square with my sun and out of the sixth house altogether, I’m feeling good. The only thing that bothers me about going to work is that members keep bringing me and my coworkers candy to celebrate the holiday season. I have no self-control around goodies — especially sweet things!

I’m glad that that’s the least of my worries right now. I don’t really fear a Mars transit through my seventh house because Mars’ influence is muted when it moves through that part of my chart. The planet isn’t personalized in my horoscope through sign or house placement, so I don’t have to pay special attention to it like I do with Venus’ transits. And when I say it’s moving through a part of my chart where its influence is weakened, I’m not exaggerating. I find that I am more aggressively diplomatic while the red planet is in my seventh house. It doesn’t make me combative whatsoever.

“The Dark Pixie Astrology,” a site that I visit often for interpretation of progressions, confirms my previous experience with Mars’ transits through the seventh house rather than suggesting that I am about to spend the next two months yelling at everyone. The site tells me that I will be “driven to commit and compromise.” It goes on to include the following prediction:

“You want to have more commitment in your life, through your personal and business relationships, and with the projects and appointments you commit yourself to. The idea of commitment isn’t as terrifying as it might usually be. You can butt heads with your loved ones a little more during this time, but you find a way to compromise quickly so it doesn’t drag on for too long. If single, this can be a time where you decide to make a relationship more serious. You can also strive to bring more balance and harmony in your life, needing it to maintain your energy.”

What I find interesting about this interpretation is that it doesn’t cast Mars as a villain in my horoscope, but rather as a catalyst. It tells me that if I direct both my physical and mental energy into my relationships, things will happen. Mars encourages action, and action produces results. Whether those results are good or bad is often just a matter of my own perspective.

So, I’m hopeful about getting through this transit without a scratch. I wish that I was as hopeful about getting through it without eating everything in sight . . .

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