Dsquared² (source: Vogue)

I was just clicking through the Dsquared² Pre-Fall 2021 collection on vogue.com when I came across this jacket that I would kill to own. I live on the Canadian prairies, and cowboy-inspired fashion always resonates with me and my nostalgic Cancer moon. We do get a fair amount of Dsquared² merchandise in the stores up here, so I’ll watch for it. It’s probably $5000, so I’m not so sure I’ll be adding it to my wardrobe in the near future.

Anyway, Dean and Dan Caten, the Canadian-born twin brothers behind the label Dsquared², are Sagittarians. Sagittarius rules over the thighs. Maybe that’s why I looked at this pair of jeans and said to myself “I could wear those!” I’ve got hockey-player thighs, just like any Canadian guy should. Slim-legged pants are my nemesis, so it makes me happy that so many designers are promoting this updated silhouette that recalls a shape that was popular in the mid-eighties.

It would be interesting if astrology could account for fashion trends like this, but after devoting myself to both artforms for a couple of decades now, I really don’t see a connection between astrology and specific trends. The influence is much broader than that because fashion has become much broader than that. The globalization of fashion has created a marketplace where anything goes. Even the concept of gender in fashion is becoming more irrelevant every day.

With both Jupiter and Saturn moving into Aquarius in a couple of weeks from now, rampant individuality should be the order of the day, too. If a COVID-19 vaccine proves to be effective, 2021 should free up even more people from the fads because so many of us will want to go crazy after spending the last year locked in our homes.

I hope that’s the case. I also hope that it’s the case that pants with roomy thighs become more widely available. The last time Saturn moved through the sign, there were a lot of choices available. 1992 in particular was sort of a hodgepodge year for fashion, with Versace-era glamour giving way to grunge- and hip hop-influenced culture. However, the most memorable moments in fashion occurred when these competing styles collided.

We should see a repeat of that “anything goes” approach over the next few seasons. I can already see designers moving in that direction, and I can already see the marketers, the influencers and the fashion press embracing Aquarian-style individuality. Just being unique is enough right now. That means just wearing what “fits” you in every sense of the word, whether that’s pants with big thighs, cowboy-inspired clothes, a snake tattoo on your face, or anything else for that matter.

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