Christopher Walken in “The Dead Zone” (source: The Spool)

Just this past week, I wrote about the eclipse that occurs early tomorrow morning, and about the next time that Mars stations in a couple of years from now. I specifically referred to 8-9° Gemini in these posts as a part of my chart where planets go to do absolutely nothing at all. It’s a virtual “dead zone” in my chart.

To prove my point, here is what my daily horoscope on “Astrodienst” has to say:

“Today, there are practically no transits of the swift moving planets to your natal chart — perhaps a good opportunity to go back to the long-ranging influences still effective at the moment. Of course it would make just as much sense to look ahead in order to prepare for the next long-term transit.

If you have a secret wish or an intention that you have been wanting to carry out for a long time, this would be the right day for it — especially if you want to be free of all kinds of influences to do it. However, decisions taken of your own accord are not written in the stars; perhaps you just want to relax today and simply be yourself.”

See! I wasn’t even kidding when I mentioned how uneventful transits of Gemini can be for me. The first ten degrees of the sign are where planets go to leave me alone. My north node is there, but I’ve never really found anything profound occurring while planets transit the nodes. That’s my interpretation of them based upon my experience. If they had anything to tell me, like the recent Mars station that made the last few weeks a living hell, I would know by now. I’ve been studying astrology for decades.

But I digress! I’m supposed to be discussing how little I’ve got to do today, and how the stars have backed up my decision to do almost nothing. I’m not sure what that means, but I know that I’m not even going to bother making any plans. The transit of the luminaries to this “dead zone” could not have come at a better time for me to tune out. Frankly, I needed the break.

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