Eclipse (source: Vox)

The lunar eclipse in Gemini is less than a week away and I couldn’t care less!

This eclipse occurs at 8°38″ Gemini/Sagittarius. There is not a more inconsequential degree in my chart. Even when I pull up my progressed horoscope, there’s just nothing there. If I increase its orb of influence beyond the normal parameters I use to determine whether or not a configuration like this will affect me, I still come up with nothing significant.

I suppose that’s okay with me. Right now, I’m waiting to go to work where I will find out if I’ll be temporarily laid off because of another COVID-19 lockdown (something I predicted in a post in the second week of October using the powerful combination of astrology and common sense). I might get to work at home for a few days before I’m officially unemployed again, so at least I won’t be completely bored.

Anyway, I should look to the houses where this eclipse occurs so that I can figure out if it has any influence at all on me. The sun will be in my second house and the moon will be in my eighth house. Perhaps some financial crisis is on the horizon? Probably not. I just blogged about how well-behaved I’ve been lately when it comes to spending money.

I know I sound like a broken record when I discuss eclipses, but I believe that a lot of my fellow astrologers treat them as if they are cataclysmic, once-in-a-lifetime events that command our attention. They’re actually quite common, and unless they form close, major aspects with points and/or planets in your chart, you don’t have to lose sleep over how they will affect you.

I know that I’m not going to lose sleep over this one. In fact, with Neptune stationing at the same time as this eclipse (a more uncommon astrological event), I might just sleep right through it. My dreams get so entertaining during a Neptune station!

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