Baskets (source: Crate and Barrel)

I’m feeling like a basket case lately with Mars barely moving in the sky while it forms a square to my natal sun from the sixth house. It’s making me feel stressed-out at my job because I would like to grab the reins and take charge. Everything would be so much better if someone had a plan.

What’s funny about this scenario is that I’m not normally a basket case when it comes to stress in my work environment. Just thinking about being a basket case, however, made me wonder how the phrase “basket case” entered the lexicon. When I looked it up online just a moment ago, I first clicked on the “Cambridge Dictionary” entry that defined the phrase as “someone who is extremely nervous or anxious and is therefore unable to organize their life.”

I’m anxious because my life is not organized — at least at work. That makes so much sense astrologically with Mars parked in my sixth house, and the fact that it is square to my sun is only making matters worse. I’m such a sixth house/Virgo type when it comes to professional matters that I’m frequently overwhelmed by the tension caused by the disorganization that surrounds me. That makes me swoop in and take control when it is not my job to take control. I don’t want to be a control freak, but I also don’t want to be a basket case.

Anyway, if thing don’t get better soon, I’m going to have to do something. I can’t carry around this amount of anxiety for a job that pays next to nothing. Hopefully, this feeling abates once Mars gets off my back.

Soon . . .

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