Clock Drawing (source: LiveJournal)

The new moon in Scorpio arrives late this evening where I live. It forms a tight sextile with both Jupiter and Pluto — planets that formed a very powerful conjunction just a couple of days ago.

That conjunction in Capricorn (along with Mars’ station yesterday) were two of the most heralded astrological events of 2020. A lot of astrologers have pointed to the upcoming Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius as the pivotal event of the year. However, when I was writing horoscopes for this year, I used these astrological events to break the year up into two halves: the bad part and the good part.

It might take a leap of faith to actually believe that we’re in the good part, but it’s true. With the arrival of the Scorpio new moon tomorrow, we can start doing whatever we need to do to figuratively “rise from the ashes.”

That’s a reference to the phoenix that was used to represent the sign of Scorpio in some more-obscure astrological traditions. However, the symbolism has survived and pervaded modern astrology because it is quite apt. Along with the Capricorn symbolism of a goat with nowhere to go but up, the path represented by this planetary configuration is quite clear.

So, even if the year so far has been a jumbled mess (like the clock drawing in the photo from “Hannibal” that I posted above), think of this weekend as a cosmic reset. Tear up that page and start fresh. It’s time to get back to the drawing board with a more lucid picture of where you want to be in the not-too-distant future.

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