Mars (source: Medium)

Mars goes direct later today after spending the last several weeks in retrograde motion.

The red planet stations at 15°14″ Aries. It first crossed over that point in late July, so we can to that time for clues about how might handle this fairly uncommon phenomenon. Mars stations only occur a couple of times every two years. Because Mars forms a very close square with my natal sun from that position in the zodiac, I wrote a post called “Leave Me Alone” that included the following prediction:

“I guess that I should be glad that Mars is currently moving quickly through the zodiac. When the planet stations on this same degree in November at the end of its upcoming retrograde cycle, I’m going to have to deal with about a month of this bullshit. On the bright side, Venus enters my first house in the middle of November just before Mars goes direct. That should stop me from wanting to kill you all.”

Work has been so stressful for me because I’m basically doing the work of my boss without the authority of my boss. However, he comes back from his COVID-related quarantine tomorrow, and that should make my life a lot easier. Also, the province where I live introduced new restrictions about how gyms can operate. As of today, I’m not going to be leading any fitness classes for a couple of weeks. While I enjoy my classes immensely, I could use a break from my work environment until everyone else starts to understand that we’re not operating efficiently.

Of course, that’s my opinion, but with Mars stationing in my sixth house, that’s going to be my sore spot for the rest of the month. I can see everything that everyone else is doing wrong, but it’s not my place to start fights over how other people do their jobs — at least not now.

Mars’ station could have you ready to start a fight, too. Look to its house position in your own horoscope to see where that aggression might be directed. If you know what to expect, you can also make a promise to yourself to not overreact if things don’t seem to be going your way.

And remember this: we’re finally on an upward trajectory after a pretty shitty year. This passage I found on “Cafe Astrology” regarding Mars’ station offers some sage advice about what’s to come:

“Slowly but surely, over the coming weeks, we are likely to regain our enthusiasm, projects that have stalled move forward, and we begin to feel more confident and assertive. We may change our minds about recent decisions or projects as priorities become more explicit. Ideally, we’ve learned more about our desires, and motivation levels increase.”

That’s good news, right? Considering how 2020 has gone so far, I’ll take what I can get.

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