March Calendar (source: Public Domain Photos)

Jupiter conjoins my IC tomorrow as it makes its return to my fourth house. It was already there earlier this year, before it began it went retrograde. That was during the last few days of March when everything in Canada was locked down.

Curiously, the gym where I work reopened about a month ago. However, last Friday the province where I live changed the way that we are allowed to operate to encourage greater social distancing as COVID-19 cases are once again on the upswing. My concern right now is that another shutdown is imminent.

I actually published a post a few weeks ago where I claimed that I had a bad feeling about the reopening because of the current cosmic climate. I still feel that way. What’s interesting to me is that Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are in almost the same places they were when the shit hit the fan earlier this year — before all three planets began their retrograde cycles. The last half of November and the first half of December mirror the last couple of weeks of March.

Oh well! I’ve been through this once and I can get through it again. I believe that I’ve developed the tools to cope with these circumstances without going off the deep end. At least I won’t have a trip to Las Vegas to cancel this time. That was so disappointing for me because I really don’t go on a lot of vacations.

How are you feeling about the possibility of another shutdown? Has this Capricorn stellium taught you how to cope with setbacks, or has it just made you grouchy and miserable? Let me know in the comments section or on one of my social media pages.

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