Charm School (source: TV Maze)

Here’s a photo from VH1’s “Charm School.” It makes me realize how much I miss the golden age of trash TV.

Anyway, I’ll be conducting a charm school of my own for the next three weeks as Venus enters my first house early tomorrow morning. I can already feel myself growing more charming and good-looking as the planet approaches my ascendant. I know that it’s difficult to believe that I could actually get more charming than I already am, but that’s astrology for you!

What’s interesting to me is that this is happening at the same time as Mars is sitting stationary in Aries, creating a lot of reasons for me to want to smooth things over. There is definitely tension in the air right now, and I don’t want to make things worse. I believe that it’s important for all of us to choose our battles wisely this week. More importantly, try not to confuse getting the last word with winning the fight, like a loudmouthed “Charm School” contestant. With Jupiter and Pluto also making their final conjunction in Capricorn this week, followed by a new moon in Scorpio, discretion will be the better part of valor — at least for appearance’s sake. Your rivals are probably going to self-destruct before your eyes, anyway, and take out much of the competition with them.

So, don’t even risk ruining your manicure. Stay vigilant, but take a step back if you can. In a week from now, we’re all going to be in a much different place.

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