Jade Jolie & Jade Jolie Impersonator (source: Buzzfeed)

November 2 is Jade Jolie’s birthday.

Scorpio contestants have been few and far between on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” If the mostly-reliable site “Fandom” is correct, only five Scorpio queens have vied for the crown, and there has never been a Scorpio contestant on any season of “All Stars.”

The five who have competed on the show include Jade, Lashauwn Beyond, Jade Jolie, Suga Cain and Sherry Pie. Only Sherry Pie made in anywhere near a season finale.

I wouldn’t describe Jade Jolie as “my favorite” Scorpio contestant. Frankly, the whole lot of them are what I would describe as a “dog’s breakfast.” Nevertheless, she is the most memorable Scorpio queen of the bunch simply because she was responsible for one of the most viral moments in “Drag Race” herstory. It was Jade Jolie who pointed out Alyssa Edwards’ “back rolls.”

I guess that’s enough to vault Jade Jolie to the top of my list, for whatever that’s worth . . .

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