Full Moon (source: NY Post)

There’s been a lot of discussion about this full moon. It’s not only a “blue moon” because it’s the second full moon of the month, but it also occurs on Halloween itself, adding a little spookiness to the folklore surrounding the event.

Nevertheless, there’s nothing special about two full moons happening in the same month — at least when it comes to astrology. While it is rare for a full moon to land on Halloween itself (click the link above to read more), the event only becomes special when it is somehow personalized in an individual’s natal chart.

The funny thing about this full moon is that it couldn’t be in a more-neutral place in my own chart. 8-9° Taurus/Scorpio is like a dead zone in my horoscope.

So, I’m not going to worry about anything out-of-the-blue happening today. Instead, I’ve got Mercury’s upcoming station on American election day to worry about. If you want to see something really scary, just wait . . .

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