I wrote this post last year, predicting a big change in Katy Perry’s life. She was pregnant about three weeks after I published it.

Star Struck Style

10-katy-perry-vogue-may-2017-cover-story-photosKaty Perry (source: Vogue)

October 25 is Katy Perry’s birthday.

Even though I regularly use her as a stellar example of signature Scorpio style, I had never looked up Katy Perry’s birth chart until just a moment ago. What a chart! Every one of her natal planets fits into a 75° wedge.

The bundle chart-type is interesting. Astrotheme (the site where I pull most of these celebrity charts) provides a succinct explanation of the configuration’s influence:

“Although the native’s talents and assets are truly unique, powerful and specialized, in other areas of life, he is likely to be lost, rejected and marginalized. The happy conclusion for the owners of this type of chart is to live their passion without fear because it is the only way for them to achieve harmony and fulfilment. The direct confrontation with other types of experience, which are unsuitable for them, would only result…

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