Balance (source: Self)

Yesterday, I published a post about cultivating my inner bossiness because I feel the need to take charge at work. I’ve been back at my job for about three weeks and I already feel as if things are out of control. Of course, having retrograde Mars sitting on my descendant as it prepares to move back into my sixth house isn’t helping matters. It makes me want to find someone to blame for the disorganization that is causing me distress. That probably isn’t a very productive approach to the situation.

However, I didn’t realize that both Mercury and Venus enter Libra on Tuesday — one from the front end and one from the back end.

While Mercury moving back into Libra is going to be a rather short-lived transit, it should help me to balance a few of the balls I’m juggling at work, especially with my chart-ruler Venus moving into one of the signs over which it rules. Combined with Mars’ return to the part of my chart that helps me to focus my energy on organization, I should be able to strike a balance between being happy to be back to work and being ready to throw in the towel.

I’m optimistic about my own prospects, even though my shift yesterday was a nightmare. I’m not quite ready to give up on this balancing act just yet.

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