Mountain Goat (source: National Geographic)

Friday’s new moon in Libra occurs at 23°53″ — exactly one minute away from an exact square with my MC/IC axis.

The square points to a crisis in my career, which is interesting because Friday is the last day that I will be at work preparing for the reopening of the gym on the following Monday. In this part of the world, the new moon will happen right in the middle of my shift.

That’s interesting to me because I actually took the time this past Friday to let the facility manager know that I will be drawing a line in the sand as far as new responsibilities are concerned. I told her that I cannot allow people who get paid far more than me to slough off their duties because they understand how competent and dependable I can be.

As long as I’ve been working, I’ve known that people rely upon me too much. It’s only recently that I’ve begun to stand up for myself when I believe that someone is taking advantage of me. I honestly don’t mind having too much to do most of the time, but I do mind getting paid less for doing the work of higher-paid individuals.

It’s taken me a long time to learn how to say “no.” I guess the Capricorn in me is finally starting to eclipse my Libra rising that just wants everyone to get along. Perhaps having an entire year of planets hanging around my IC has taught me something about the value I bring to everything I do.

What’s really interesting to me is that Pluto makes its final conjunction with my IC on the same day of the Great Conjunction in December, highlighting this crucial angle of my chart once again just as Mars makes its final square with Pluto. That points to another crisis. Maybe I’m misinterpreting all of this and I’m going to be fired by the time this is all over. You never know . . .

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