Arisa Cox (source: Toronto Star)

So, I’ve been dithering when it comes to sending in my “Big Brother Canada 9” audition video. I wanted to wait for an astrologically auspicious day like today to click the “submit” button.

But something occurred to me this morning. The show regularly commences when the sun is in my fifth house — a good time of year for me to engage in shameless self-promotion. However, I thought that I would have a look at where the rest of the planets will be in March of 2021, and what did I discover?

I don’t think it’s a good time for me to be straying too far from home! I have a cavalcade of planets about to embark on a long journey through my fourth house. If I wait until 2022, Jupiter will be in my fifth house alongside the sun and Mercury when the show premieres, and both Venus and Mars will replace Jupiter in my fourth house where they will be conjoining their own natal positions. Perhaps that will negate some of the heaviness I may be experiencing with both Saturn and Pluto lodging in that sector of my chart. Venus and Mars will also enter my fifth house during the time that the show is running.

Another interesting thing to note is that no planets will be retrograde when the competition starts, and only Pluto and Mercury will begin retrograde cycles while “Big Brother Canada 10” is filming (if it follows the previous filming schedule of the show).

Right now, I would love to send in an audition telling the producers why I would make a great contestant. But with COVID-19 still impacting the lives of so many Canadians, I don’t know if they would be any more willing to put an old guy like me on the cast. So, maybe it’s better that I take a step back to wait things out. In the meantime, I can lose fifteen pounds, get a spray tan, a hair transplant and several Botox treatments. I’m kidding, of course! I only need to lose twelve pounds.

Anyway, I’m glad that I had a look at my chart so that I could have an idea about what my future holds. Also, I’m glad that I discovered that Arisa is a Sagittarius while I was looking for a photo of her to include at the top of this post. For some reason, I thought that she was an Aries (I must have read that on some shitty website like “Famous Birthdays” that is wrong just as often as it is right). That’s a good thing because Sagittarians like me more than most Aries natives do. It’s probably because I don’t talk so much shit about them . . .

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