Llewellyn Calendar (source: Calendar Club)

“Buoyant optimism” is the title of my autogenerated horoscope today on astro.com. The title refers to the Mars/Jupiter sextile that is currently occurring during Mars’ retrograde cycle. That means that it will recur in December when Mars return to its current position.

It’s kind of funny to read those words because yesterday I send my astrologer friend Tracy a message asking her if it was easier to compose 2021 horoscopes because the planets just seem to be more favorably-placed (at least at first glance). She writes for the Llewellyn calendar pictured above, so I knew that she would have already gone through much of the process that I have recently begun in order to prepare forecasts for the upcoming year.

Of course, she agreed that the outlook for 2021 was rosier. Any astrologer worth their weight in Jackie Stallone headbands would say the same.

Anyway, it’s nice to compare notes with my peers and see that we’re arriving at similar conclusions. It makes me even more buoyantly optimistic for what my future holds. As I mentioned yesterday, the end of Pluto’s current retrograde cycle in Capricorn puts a punctuation mark at the end of this rather repressive astrological phase of my life. It’s almost hard to believe that today is also the day that I go back to work after nearly seven months off due to the COVID-19 shutdowns.

It still might be warm outside where I live, but I can feel a change in the cosmic weather — and I couldn’t be happier about it!

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