Goat (source: Science)

Pluto goes direct in Capricorn this morning.

I’m excited about this because Pluto is just one of three planets that have been languishing in Capricorn for what has seemed like an eternity. While Pluto isn’t actually leaving the sign for a while, both Jupiter and Saturn exit the sign just before the winter solstice.

What happens after that is the ingress of both Mercury and the sun into the sign. That sounds good for me because there is plenty for me to enjoy during Capricorn season, especially now that I’m not working in retail. What I’m really looking forward to, however, is the overall change in the astrological climate.

Capricorn takes up a big chunk of my third house. While I seem to enjoy the swift-moving planets speeding through that sector of my chart, all these outer planets hanging around my IC have been wreaking havoc on my sense of self expression and my ambition in general. I haven’t exactly had writer’s block; I’ve just been bored with writing. When I do get into a project, my enthusiasm wanes after a day or two.

But some good has come out of this Capricorn “phase.” I feel as if I’ve been able to take an inventory of my strengths and my weaknesses while these cosmic heavyweights have been lingering near the bottom of my chart. Once Pluto moves from my third house to my fourth house for the last time — something I will never experience again in my lifetime — I’ll know this phase is over. I can finally review my ledger and move forward in a particular direction. Curiously, that also happens in the same five-day period as the other events I mentioned.

It’s going to be a trip! And now that Pluto is getting on board, it’s a trip I can’t wait to take. For me and most of my fellow goats, we should soon start to feel as if the only way to go is up.

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