Ika Wong (source: Facebook)

October 3 is Ika Wong’s birthday. I found that date on both “Fandom” and “Famous Birthdays,” so I hope it’s correct,

Anyway, I adore Ika Wong because she blessed us with the single greatest moment in “Big Brother Canada” history. After being screwed over by a bunch of idiots, Ika was given the opportunity to take $5000 or let those idiots get some letters from home. Watching her competitors cry like babies because she shredded their letters was one of the most delicious moments I’ve ever seen on any reality show. Ika didn’t owe them a fucking thing!

I guess it’s no surprise that Ika is a Libra. Chances are, she also has a Capricorn moon. I’ve got a Capricorn sun and Libra for a rising sign, so I can see a lot myself in Ika. I not only have a strong sense of justice, but I also cannot deal with people using me for their own gain — especially when it’s obvious that they’re lying.

Ika came back for a second season when “Big Brother Canada” invited back some all-stars to compete alongside the regular contestants. A Capricorn, Kevin Martin, actually won that season by playing a no-holds-barred game that made him another “Big Brother” Capricorn legend, like Dr. Will and Janelle. The current season of “Big Brother All Stars” in the US pales in comparison.

I was going to wait until next week when the sun conjoins my ascendant to make an audition video for “Big Brother Canada,” but I think today might be a good day to put something together. Now that the universe has let me know that it’s Ika’s birthday, I figure that I’ve been given a sign.

Thanks, Ika!

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