Donald Trump (source: Newsweek)

For the past couple of years, I’ve been predicting bad things for Donald Trump. While I thought that Karma would actually catch up with him, it appears as if his own hubris will be probably be his demise.

Anyway, it’s fun to see how many other astrologers are currently posting about how bad his chart is. Sure, I didn’t get everything right about the guy because I overestimated the pace at which Saturn and Pluto would deliver him his Karmic due, but I still predicted that this Capricorn phase in which we’re living would be terrible for Trump.

What I did I miss was how important Venus was in the Manchurian Pumpkin’s chart. It’s currently being assaulted (just as his natal Saturn is being assaulted), by transiting Mars, Saturn and Pluto. Venus can make us eager to take the easy way out. Of course, that’s all that Donald Trump does. The guy hasn’t worked a day in his life.

So, I guess it’s rather poetic that his lazy, hands-off response to COVID-19 is going to be his undoing. What’s really fascinating, however, is that transiting Venus was literally conjunct his Leo ascendant when his positive diagnosis for COVID-19 was announced. It was as if the universe was telling the rest of us that this is what happens when you’re a lazy, arrogant pile of shit who expects to be worshipped despite your failures.

I’m quite confident that this is the end of the road for Donald Trump. The other astrologers I mentioned seem to agree. I hope that we’re right. In my entire life, I’ve never wanted to see anyone crushed by the weight of their own hubris more. This is a tale for the ages.

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