Janelle (source: Twitter)

Yesterday on Twitter, my Capricorn sister and “Big Brother” idol, Janelle Pierzina, posted a photo of Nicole Franzel’s wedding invitation with the following caption:

“Just received my invite. 3k for hotel so Nicole’s reception and hotel stay can basically be comped. Glad I don’t have to go. I hate cheap ass weddings where the go to song is Cotton Eyed Joe.”

I nearly wet myself! I’ve blogged before about how Janelle and I have some profound astrological similarities. I also loathe Nicole Franzel’s game play on “Big Brother.” Her strategy of ratting out the girls in order to become the alpha female in the house is demeaning to every woman who has ever played the game. It only works because the show casts such stupid, young, horny people.

So, I understand how someone like Janelle can’t put up with that sort of bullshit. We’re the sort of people who want to play a game like “Big Brother” on our own terms without being derailed by something as vile as a showmance. I also have an aversion to so-called “influencers.” I even call myself a “noted deinfluencer” in my Twitter profile just to remind myself that I have nothing in common with people like Nicole.

What I didn’t know about Janelle is how much she hates the song “Cotton Eyed Joe.” If you scroll through every post on this blog, you’re likely to come across a few where I use the analogy of dancing at a wedding to describe my personality in general. I’m not exactly the warmest person in the world. I’m friendly and funny, but I do possess a sense of personal pride that makes it difficult for me to fake enthusiasm. For instance, nothing in the world is going to get me out of my chair at a wedding to dance to a song that makes wish that I was deaf — a song like “Cotton Eyed Joe.”

The fact that Janelle referenced that particular track in her bitchy Tweet made me roar with laughter. I love her so much! She really is so much like me on a personal level that I now know that is what I need to focus on when I prepare my audition for “Big Brother Canada.” I actually have an informal endorsement from Ross Mathews because I appeared on his podcast last week, so things are starting to come together.

Now if I could only take twenty years off my age . . .

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