Claudia Schiffer (source:

August 25 is Claudia Schiffer’s birthday.

Claudia Schiffer turns fifty today. I follow her on Instagram and I’m sure that she hasn’t gone outside for the last forty-nine years. Her complexion is amazing!

I had a look at her natal chart. She has a Scorpio rising and a Gemini moon. With both her sun and moon in Mercury-ruled signs, I would normally go looking to Mercury’s position to glean a little more information about the supermodel. That’s where things get interesting in her horoscope.

Mercury is 41″ away from being exactly conjunct with her natal Pluto, highlighting the Scorpionic influence. Mars is elevated in her ninth house less than a degree from her midheaven, doubling down on the same influence. With her moon in the eighth house associated with Scorpio, the sign comes up again when I’m attempting to prioritize all the things that make up her chart.

It’s a challenging layout to analyze. For every “light” point, there is a point of “darkness” that confounds me. I imagine that Claudia Schiffer is a terribly complex person. Nevertheless, with the sun, Mercury and Pluto all in her ambitious tenth house, and both Venus and Uranus in the eleventh, she knows how to market an accessible image that is a lot brighter and shinier than what’s actually inside the package.

In some respects, her chart sort of reminds me of RuPaul’s horoscope. I’ve interviewed RuPaul and he’s definitely two different people: the fun-loving Glamazon in a wig and heels, and the super-deep philosopher in Klein, Epstein and Parker suit. I don’t know Claudia Schiffer personally, but I suspect that there is a lot more going on behind that impossibly-perfect, porcelain facade.

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