Dentist (source: North Central Dentist)

Check out this cheesy stock photo. I’m going to the dentist in a couple of hours. I should take along my phone and get the dental assistant to take a couple of glamour shots of me while I’m there. I’m sure I’ll look just as thrilled to have someone else’s fingers in my mouth.

Anyway, transiting Mercury makes its annual opposition with my natal Saturn this morning. I’m already feeling argumentative and ready to get into a fight with anyone who posts anything stupid on social media. The problem with this aspect is that it lends an individual a false sense of confidence in their intellectual ability. It’s easy to argue without all the facts when this configuration occurs, or even to miss the point entirely.

Still, that didn’t stop me from trying! I posted a couple of aggressive Tweets before I stopped by to have a look at today’s transits. I’m going to have to exercise a little more control when I get back from the dentist. On the bright side, my mouth will be frozen (I’m having a filling replaced), so I’ll not only be wearing my COVID-19 mask, but I’ll also be shutting my trap so that I’m not inadvertently drooling all over myself.

Thankfully, this is a short-lived astrological phenomenon when Mercury is traveling swiftly through the zodiac. Only when it stations on a point like this does the opposition become long-lasting and troublesome. There’s always next year or the year after that . . .

I do have some exciting professional news to announce in a couple of days, but I’m going to keep that to myself for now because of the potential to put my foot in my own mouth during this Mercury transit. Stay tuned for that update and more exciting updates about my oral hygiene odyssey.

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