Enzo (source: Fandom)

So, I made a few predictions about “Big Brother 22” the other day in my profile of Dani Briones. I picked either her or Enzo Palumbo to win the game. After last night’s episode, I’m pretty happy with my choices.

Dani is playing a stealth game, giving up information in a calculated way that doesn’t seem to be putting a target on her back. Enzo is proving that he is capable of winning challenges, and he’s making casual alliances with everyone in the house without making himself look like a power player.

I am intrigued by Enzo’s game play, so I had a look at his natal chart to see if I could learn anything from the guy before I submit my own audition video to “Big Brother Canada.” He’s a Capricorn, like me, but we don’t have much in common astrologically besides our natal Jupiter in Gemini.

However, Enzo does have the sun, Mercury and Venus all in Capricorn. I imagine that he’s pretty good at learning from his own mistakes. My concern for the guy was that he would once again become the third wheel in an alliance of bros. While he was busy making alliances with the guys in last night’s episode, he was also reaching out to some of the female house guests.

By nature, someone with a Capricorn-heavy horoscope should get better and better at these games the more times they play it. Kevin Martin won “Big Brother Canada” on his second try, and Rob Mariano won “Survivor” on his third. I just hope that if I find myself on either show that I learn from the mistakes of my fellow goats and do everything right the first time. I’m a little too old to be playing like a rookie, so hopefully studying the natal chart of these Capricorn contestants will pay off. I can’t afford to play dumb.

I’m going to wait a week until Venus is sitting on top of my MC to make an audition video, but I’m pretty sure that I’ve a good handle on how to sell myself to the casting agents after watching a few episodes of “BB 22.”

Wish me luck!

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