Slug (source: University of Alberta)

Here’s a photo of the kind of slugs that are plentiful in my garden this time of year. We had a wet summer in Edmonton after a few years without a drought, so the slug population is at an all-time high. Thankfully, I cram my garden so full of greenery that there’s enough to share with all the critters that like to live here. I don’t spazz out like a lot of my fellow gardeners every time I see an uninvited guest eating one of my plants.

Anyway, the slow-moving slug provides a perfect illustration of how many of us are feeling right now with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto virtually stuck in the sky. A quick look at September’s ephemeris reveals very little movement for all of the outer planets. Many of the themes that have made 2020 such a shitty year are feeling as if they are about to repeat themselves in a month that many of us associate with a return to routine.

However, nothing about this year has been routine. Still, that shouldn’t stop us from trying to inch ahead. Between September 12 and October 4, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all return to direct motion in Capricorn, making us feel as if there might be a way to finally crawl out of the mess we’re in. It might be so gradual that we don’t even realize it’s happening, but it’s happening.

One of the most interesting things to note is that Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are in a configuration that is very close to where they were in March of this year when everything went to shit. That makes me believe that it’s probably a good time to look back to that time to evaluate where you were when COVID-19 changed our world, and where you would like to be when things start to get back to normal. For instance, I could have used all my free time writing, but I didn’t. Over the next few weeks, maybe I should try to figure out why I wasn’t able to turn all of these ideas percolating inside my skull into a bona fide writing project. Perhaps this current cosmic configuration of retrograde planets (along with the sun in self-evaluating Virgo) will provide me with the opportunity to find a way to move forward by looking back.

I hope so. Like the slug in the photo, I know that I need to get it together before the weather gets cold. In this part of the world, that’s not too far into the future. If I don’t get moving soon, I’m going to be in trouble once winter arrives.

I suggest the same for the rest of you, too. Be the slug. Just don’t be sluggish.

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