Wow! This post from last year seems quite evergreen today — in terms of the “tone” of my life at this moment. Has nothing really changed since last year at this time?

Star Struck Style

t-in-depth-oscar-party-historyParty (source: Vanity Fair)

Venus moves into my eleventh house this morning. Mars just moved there a few days ago, and the sun is about to join the party in a couple of days.

I’m ready for a change in the cosmic weather. My eleventh house corresponds to Virgo because it fits almost exactly over top of the sign using the Placidus system of house division. In fact, it’s the part of my chart where the house cusps and the sign cusps match up closely enough for me to evaluate the different house systems as the planets transit that part of my horoscope: approximately 29° Leo to 27° Virgo. If I were to use whole sign houses, this section would correspond to my twelfth house, and not even someone as loquacious as me could describe how wrong that would be.

Anyway, my last day of work was July 30…

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