Daniele Briones (source: Fandom)

August 20 is Daniele Briones’ birthday.

I published some predictions for “Big Brother 22” a few posts back where I claimed that it was likely that a Capricorn would win this “All-Stars” season. With four Capricorn natives in the house, I was playing the odds more than anything.

Anyway, a few episodes into the show, I’m a little more confident in choosing my favorites to be the last house guest standing.

I’m going to pick either Dani (one of three Leo contestants) or Enzo (one of four Capricorn contestants) to win. So far, Dani has demonstrated some very good instincts about how other people are playing the game while also defending her own position against threats (Memphis’ independence as HOH; Janelle’s mere existence). Enzo, on the other hand, has been playing an under-the-radar social game that can take a “floater” all the way to the finale.

One of the Leo contestants, Keesha, has already been evicted. One of the Capricorns (Nicole A. or David) will be evicted tonight. Next week should be quite thrilling because someone is going to have to make a big move. Everyone in the house can agree that no one has really taken a shot at a big target yet, and that sort of game play is not rewarded during the final vote.

I still have hope for Janelle (Capricorn) and Kaysar (Leo), but everyone else in the house is so ridiculously afraid of them that they spend every waking moment wondering what the duo is cooking up. I really can’t see either of them in the finale because of the way they have been demonized by their fellow house guests. Nevertheless, I’m still going to go out on a limb and predict a Leo/Capricorn final two.

Who do you think is going to win? Let me know in the comments section or on one of my social media accounts.

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