Fucking Idiots (source: Business Insider)

I need to be careful for the next week or so. I’ve got transiting Mars in the seventh house square my MC, which is one of the surliest aspects of all. It feels like I’m a can of Diet Coke that someone has shaken and shaken. It won’t take much now for me to blow my top.

Of course, that means that I should take a vacation from American politics and my Twitter feed for a few days. Just before I came here, I watched a video of Mike Pence telling an audience that Kamala Harris is coming to take their red meat from them. It reminded me of when the far right went apoplectic because Michelle Obama told the bloated, blubbery citizens of the fattest country in the world to put down their pork rinds and eat more vegetables. The nerve!

Because Mars goes retrograde next month, this aspect will recur for a few days in early October and then again in December. I just need to take a step back and use the energy it rouses to do something productive when it’s getting to me. It’s good for exercising, just as long as I don’t get reckless. I could hurt myself crashing around the gym.

If this square was occurring from the first house rather than the seventh, it would feel as if I had a chip on my shoulder, so I suppose I should be grateful that Mars is on the other side of my chart. Right now I just have to deal with being disagreeable, not intentionally aggressive. Still, there is potential for me to engage in passive/aggressive bullshit whenever this aspect is close.

So, I’m just going to paste a fake smile on my face and pretend that I’m not bothered by all the idiocy I encounter in my travels. If you see me, just smile back and keep walking, please. I’ll have time for your crap another day.

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