Mommie Dearest (source: Moviefone)

Sometime tomorrow, right around the time the moon enters Cancer, my progressed moon also enters Cancer.

It’s a big deal to have the progressed moon move from one sign to another in the horoscope because it provides a “theme” for about two-and-a-half years. Because my natal moon is in Cancer, the planet is already personalized in my chart — never mind the fact that its moving into the sign over which it rules.

The Dark Pixie Astrology, a website that offers terrific interpretations of progressions, provides the following advice:

“With your Progressed Moon in Cancer, you may find you’re more focused on the home and family, for good reasons (to make it better and solve problems) or bad ones (because it’s worse and requires more attention). You may buy a new home, remodel one, or want to be at home more often, feeling more comfortable there. Much of the time spent with others will be at your home, and you may take an interest in cooking. Comfort is the key now, so whatever makes you comfortable is what you’ll gravitate towards. Being cared for and nurtured is important, and you’ll likely show these attributes yourself as well, being more willing to take care of others. This may also make you strive for commitment in your relationships more. Progressed Moon in Cancer can also show having a child, especially for women, since Cancer and the Moon rule motherhood (but of course this alone isn’t enough, other aspects are needed as well at the same time). Cancer is a water sign, and all water sign Progressed Moons lend you to be more emotional. Issues with your chest/breasts, stomach, or pancreas could present themselves, and you may need to watch your weight.”

My ability to focus on one thing in particular was impacted with the progressed moon in Gemini, so I welcome most of what this forecast offers. However, I don’t know if I’m ready to be a mother. I already have three cats. I also don’t want to watch my weight any more than I already do. I like to eat too much!

Anyway, I’m excited for the change because I really have had a lot of issues with instability in my life over the past couple of years. Having the progressed moon in Gemini has been rough on me. I have a feeling that this new phase of my life is going to provide me with a little more security, and maybe a little more focus on my emotional needs, whether or not I decide to adopt a kid or two . . .

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