Debra Messing & Donald Trump (source: NY Post)

August 15 is Debra Messing’s birthday.

I’ve always been fascinated by how much Debra Messing’s performance style resembles the physical comedy of Lucille Ball. It’s uncanny!

It’s also uncanny that the two share a Leo sun, and both Mercury and Venus in Virgo. I’m always going on and on about a group of guys with whom I share my sun/Mercury/Venus placements because I see similarities in our physical presence. That group includes Jared Leto, Justin Trudeau and Ricky Martin. For an astrologer who has focused on the more superficial aspects of astrology, it’s fascinating to see how these three planets combine in the natal chart to create a “type.”

The rising sign is most often associated with physical characteristics in the horoscope, but the more I look at the 180 possible combinations of these planets, the more I am convinced that they go a long way toward endowing an individual with a particular look and specific manner of physical expression. I really should delve deeper into the subject and write a book about it. I can be sure that it’s a project that no one else has taken on yet.

In the meantime, I’m going to go to Debra Messing’s Twitter page and post a birthday greeting. Anyone who hates Donald Trump as much as Debra Messing is a friend of mine.

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