Perm (source: Men’s Hairstyles Today)

I was so focused on the oppositions that Mercury is forming to my natal Mars/Venus conjunction over the next two days that I didn’t even realize that transiting Venus is about to conjoin my natal moon tomorrow. That should be an important aspect for me; Venus is the ruler of my Libra ascendant, and I have my natal moon in Cancer, which personalizes the planet in my chart.

After discovering that the aspect is about to occur, my first impulse was to follow my impulses wherever they may take me. However, with the Mercury/Venus opposition occurring within a few hours of the Venus/Moon conjunction, I need to reconsider what I’m going to do tomorrow.

Hilariously, the competing interpretations of the two aspects advise me to seek out beauty treatments and to avoid beauty treatments. I guess I won’t be giving myself a home perm!

It can be a very sentimental aspect, though, so maybe I’ll find myself looking back at days gone by through rose-colored glasses. On the other hand, maybe I should go try on glasses since I have a new, slightly-upgraded prescription. I actually saw a pair on one of the current “Big Brother” contestants that would look good on me. If I do find a pair I like, though, I should probably heed the warning the Mercury/Venus opposition has provided me and wait a day or two to make the actual purchase.

With the Venus/Moon aspect occurring in my ninth house, whatever I decide to do should be something that broadens my horizons and gets me out of the house. It’s an auspicious aspect, and something that occurs only once a year (unless it’s part of a retrograde cycle). I’d be a fool to spend the day stuck inside my house.

The stars have spoken!

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