Hermès (source: Hermès)

I was looking at my chart this morning to see what the week ahead has in store for me. I’ve actually changed my plans as a result!

Mercury is speeding through the sky right now, trying to catch up with the sun. Because the planet is moving about two degrees a day, it’s going to form an opposition to my natal Mars on Monday afternoon, followed by an opposition to my natal Venus on Tuesday afternoon.

While both of these are short-lived transits, they both occur right in the middle of the day at a time when they should annoy me the most. “Cafe Astrology” describes the opposition to Mars on Monday as follows:

“Instead of listening to what others have to say, you could end up interrupting them and making assumptions. Alternatively, you could find others doing the same to you. This is not a good day to make important decisions, as your thinking simply isn’t clear. You could be quick on the trigger when it comes to verbal reactions to others, and you may seriously lack diplomacy at this time. You might find yourself doing the opposite of what you are told or what you normally think is best! Information that you receive now could lead you to take a wrong turn or action. This is not the best time to take a trip.”

I couldn’t make up a worse horoscope for what I had planned if I tried! Tuesday’s forecast is just as bad. “Cafe Astrology” offers this interpretation of the Venus opposition:

“Something you hear, learn about, or the opinion of someone could bother you and disturb your sense of balance now. You might find it inappropriate, rude, or downright irritating! Superficiality in others could also be particularly irritating to you. A lover or friend might offer you information or advice that you don’t want to hear. Others simply aren’t pleasing you right now. It’s not the best time for business transactions, beauty treatments, or purchases for the home.”

I had actually planned to rush into something, feeling as if time was of the essence. However, as the first passage indicates, I have made several assumptions about the outcome of my plans. Maybe I need to hold off for couple of days. Most of Mercury’s minor transits to my natal planets don’t seem to be of tremendous consequence to my daily affairs, but the conjunctions and oppositions often provide a “theme” to my day. I don’t want the theme of this day to be “You should have paid attention to your horoscope.”

So, I’m going to put my plans on hold until later in the week. In the meantime, maybe I’ll visit the Hermès website and dream of clothes I can’t afford. Hermes is the Greek name for Mercury, so perhaps the stars are telling me that I wouldn’t really like that $16,000 jacket even if could afford it. The universe works in mysterious ways . . .

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