John Varvatos (source: johnvarvatos.com)

August 8 is John Varvatos’ birthday.

I’m not surprised that John Varvatos is a Leo. One of the things that most Leo designers have in common is a clear idea of who is buying what they’re selling. Leo is a fixed sign, and the best Leo designers have a somewhat fixed creative vision that allows them to focus on building a brand. Sometimes that brand has their name on it, and sometimes it has someone else’s name on it.

John Varvatos has a pretty clear idea of who wears his eponymous line. Guys like me like the brand because we can fit into it. I don’t believe that enough people in the fashion business talk about men’s body issues and how improperly-sized clothing can affect the psychological well-being of the male shopper. I don’t like trying something on in a size larger than I normally take because it makes me feel like there is something wrong with me. That happens a lot with designer clothing. Just the other day I published a post about how the French label Berluti has become synonymous with underfed teenage boys. The same thing happened to Dior Homme years ago. I remember not being able to get my arms into a blazer I tried on in a Las Vegas Dior boutique. My arms! I’m a fitness trainer, but I’m certainly not a body builder. I lead spin classes and do yoga a few times a week. I’m not that big!

Anyway, John Varvatos clothing fits the way clothes are supposed to fit, so I actually have several things he has designed in my closet. Other than designing for guys who have a little meat on their bones, he doesn’t really go all out with the Leonine drama. Still, the obvious thread that runs through designs is a fondness for rock and roll. More often than not, many of Varvatos’ more-ambitious designs recall his fellow Leo, Mick Jagger, back in his seventies heyday.

I had a quick look at the designer’s natal chart and I was not surprised to discover that he has more than just the sun in Leo. He has Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto in the sign. That got me wondering who else was born during this amazing Leo stellium in 1955. It’s something I need to look into.

But for now, I’m going to get off of this computer and find somewhere to wear some of my nice clothes. That seems like a fitting way to spend a Saturday in summer while the sun is in Leo, right?

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