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About_2014_Page_01John Varvatos (source:

August 8 is John Varvatos’ birthday.

I’m not surprised that John Varvatos is a Leo. One of the things that most Leo designers have in common is a clear idea of who is buying what they’re selling. Leo is a fixed sign, and the best Leo designers have a somewhat fixed creative vision that allows them to focus on building a brand. Sometimes that brand has their name on it, and sometimes it has someone else’s name on it.

John Varvatos has a pretty clear idea of who wears his eponymous line. Guys like me like the brand because we can fit into it. I don’t believe that enough people in the fashion business talk about men’s body issues and how improperly-sized clothing can affect the psychological well-being of the male shopper. I don’t like trying something on in a size larger than I normally…

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