Standstill (source: Medium)

Mars is about to form a square with Pluto. Because Mars will enter its retrograde cycle soon, this aspect will recur a couple of times before the year is over.

It can be a rough aspect. In the cardinal signs, it can make society as a whole feel as if things are at a standstill. That should come as no surprise as today’s headlines about political corruption in Belarus, Hong Kong and the USA are pervading our collective conscience. However, the underlying influence of this aspect is to get us riled up over this corruption, and to recognize that things are probably going to get worse before they get better.

Symbolically, the retrograde pass of Mars with stationary Pluto in October should be the aspect that really “shakes the foundation.” Yet all three contacts between these two planets signify trouble to some degree. I wouldn’t be surprised if a natural disaster shook America to its core as their Idiot-in-Chief is busy attempting to divert billions of dollars earmarked for FEMA to COVID-19 relief while simultaneously trying to sneak a capital-gains tax cut into his lame-duck executive order.

Where I live, our own version of Donald Trump is busy trying to fuck everything up as quickly as possible before the citizens of my province grab their torches and burn down the legislature.

Anyway, the final Mars/Pluto square actually occurs at the same time as the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in December. I think the world is going to be a very different place in the not-too-distant future. The stars are telling me that this power grab isn’t going to end well for the people who think that they’re in power.

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