Jujubee (source: Fandom)

June 21 is Jujubee’s birthday.

I was already a huge Jujubee fan, but after I discovered that she’s a crazy cat lady on this week’s episode of “All Stars,” I love her even more. I recently rewatched her previous appearances on “Drag Race,” and it’s an understatement to say that she is a national treasure.

There is a slim chance (less than 5%) that she is a Gemini. I don’t really believe that is the case because she reminds me more of the most-memorable Cancer queens (Bianca; Bob) than she does of the show’s Gemini queens (Raja; Violet). Just look at the photo I posted above! She’s wearing all black with a string of pearls around her neck, she’s padded, she’s holding her baby, etc. Nothing about it says “I’m a Gemini.”

I did see a couple of interesting things in her chart. If she was born in the first half of the day, she has a Pisces moon. If she was born later, her moon is in Aries. In either case, the closer she was born to noon, the closer her natal moon is to forming an exact square to her natal sun. It can be a tough aspect when it’s close. The Pisces moon makes sense considering that she discussed her battles with substance abuse on this week’s show. The sun/moon square also makes sense: it can indicate internal conflict. Jujubee’s chart also reveals a near-exact opposition between the sun and Neptune, which is another red flag for an addictive personality. The closer the moon is to the Aries/Pisces cusp in her horoscope, squaring the other two planets, the more difficult this aspect becomes.

I was surprised to hear about her struggles because she always seems so upbeat on the show. But I guess it just goes to show you the truth behind the “laughing through the tears” cliché that has defined so many of the funniest people in show business.

As I already mentioned, I love Jujubee even more than ever now that I’ve seen pictures of her with her cats. Now I want her to win “All Stars 5” and live happily ever after on a ranch surrounded by all the cats $100,000 can buy. Unless I find out that they also own cats, the rest of these bitches can suck it.

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