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Naysha Lopez (source: YouTube)

June 20 is Naysha Lopez’s birthday.

I know a lot of people have their opinions about which performance rates as the worst lip sync of all time on “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” but for me there is no contest. I believe that Naysha Lopez’s soccer-mom clap-fest to “Applause” by Lady Gaga is the worst. Only Kenya Michaels’ tone-deaf version of “Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin seemed more off-the-mark for me, but at least she could make some pretty shapes with her body while she flitted around the legendary Latrice Royale like a bug that needed to be swatted away.

I honestly didn’t like Naysha Lopez at all until she wore the outfit pictured above. I wouldn’t have guessed that she had a Gemini sun, either. Her chart doesn’t scream “Gemini,” though. She has the moon, Mercury and Mars all in Cancer. I wouldn’t be surprised to see those three planets prominently placed by house position, muting her Gemini sun even more.

Having prominent Cancer placements never hurt anyone on “Drag Race.” Pictured behind Lopez in the photo I posted above is Bob the Drag Queen, one of the three Cancer queens who has taken the crown. The biggest difference between the Cancer winners and the Cancer losers has been the ability to read a room. Bianca Del Rio, Bob and Sasha Velour were always very aware of the general “mood” in their immediate environment. Naysha’s opponent in the “Applause” lip sync has a Cancer sun, as well. With Cancer for a moon sign — a powerful placement — I would expect that from Naysha Lopez, too. I don’t really understand why I didn’t see it from her except that prominent Cancer planets in the chart can also make someone especially conservative and resistant to embrace the future over a past that they tend to romanticize. Was Naysha Lopez doomed to constantly relive her pageant-girl past?

Maybe! I don’t know what else could explain that lip sync performance. It was just so wrong.

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