Say Nothing (source: Book Outlet)

Here’s the cover of a book called “Say Nothing” that I discovered when I Googled “say nothing.”

The reason that I searched that phrase is because I was trying to find an image that would allow me to convey exactly how I’m feeling today. I don’t want to say anything because I don’t feel like defending anything I have to say.

Mercury is stationary in the sky right now (ready to go retrograde tomorrow morning). It’s also opposing my natal sun as the transiting sun is about to oppose my natal Mercury. It’s a double-whammy of annoying aspects, with both transiting planets in my ninth house forming tense aspects to my third-house natal planets.

So, it’s probably a good idea for me to just shut up for a couple of days. The potential to get into arguments or to stick my foot in my own mouth will be increased at least until the weekend.

I do have an online meeting with my employer on Friday to discuss the strategy that we will adopt in order to return to work. I already submitted a couple of questions via email so that I can sit back and allow others to take the lead. Other than that, I can do my best to avoid ruffling any feathers until Saturday when these aspects separate. The sun also moves into Cancer that day and in proximity of its annual conjunction to my natal moon. When that happens, I tend to shut up anyway.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going find something to do that doesn’t involve pissing off anyone. Maybe I’ll read a book . . .

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