Mallards (source: Wikipedia)

I think I’m handling this quarantine thing okay. My house is clean. I’m getting my yard ready for gardening season. I’m trying to get as much exercise as I can despite the fact that the gym where I work is closed down. I’ve been reading a little more and watching some different TV shows to try to broaden my horizons.

However, the one big change to my routine has been an almost daily walk to this duck-filled pond near my house. Actually, it’s only been duck-filled for about a week now because the ducks finally returned to this frigid part of the world a few days ago.

One of the strangest things that has happened to me since I changed my routine to include this walk is a shift in my psychic energy. I feel as if I belong in that place all the time. I think about it when I’m not there. I can’t wait to return once I start to head home after my visit. Yesterday, for instance, it was ridiculously windy so I decided to stay home. All I could think about while I sat on the couch was going back to that duck-filled pond once the wind died down.

Now either I’m getting old (a distinct possibility) or something about that pond feeds my soul. I do have a relatively old sun/moon combination: I’m sure that anyone who knows astrology would look at my Capricorn sun and Cancer moon and understand that I was born to be an old grouch. Still, I give more credit to the validity of the latter scenario. I get near the water’s edge and I feel like I am at home. I’ve felt that way for my entire life.

Is there anything about your sun/moon combo that makes you feel the way I described? Are you more comfortable in a certain place that resonates with your astrological makeup? I’d like to know. Drop me a line in the comments section or one of my social media accounts. I can’t be the only one who feels this way, right?

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