Uranus (source: Science Alert)

Yes, Uranus smells terrible. Click the link above to find out why!

Anyway, the sun formed its annual conjunction with Uranus early this morning. I was looking at my own chart to see if the conjunction occurred in a place that would affect me, but it didn’t. Still, with the energy of this planetary aspect lingering in the atmosphere (along with the Gemini moon), I want to get out of my house. I need a change of scenery. Feeling as if I’m stuck in a rut really stinks!

You might be feeling the same way, especially if the degree where the conjunction occurred is personalized in your own horoscope. I imagine that a lot of people who are feeling trapped during the COVID-19 lockdown are going out of their minds today. However, the potential to make rash decisions is in the air today. What you’re smelling isn’t Uranus, but the scent of boredom. Having a few other planets sitting stationary at the moment isn’t helping to freshen things up.

One thing that can distract you on a day like today is to find something to satisfy your intellectual curiosity. Get lost in the bowels of Wikipedia, for instance, if that keeps you from doing something stupid that might endanger your health or the health of the people with whom you may contact during your evacuation. By tomorrow morning, this feeling will begin to dissipate, like a rank odor in your bathroom. If that doesn’t work, try opening a window or lighting a candle . . .

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