Donald Trump (source: nymag.com)

Pluto goes retrograde today. It’s stuck at 25° Capricorn, and it won’t even move a full degree backwards between now and early July.

Hopefully, that’s terrible news for Donald Trump. Pluto is currently hovering in the sky in a spot that posits the planet directly opposite to both his natal Venus and Saturn. When it finally backs up to once again to oppose his natal Saturn exactly, Jupiter will return to the same part of the sky during its upcoming retrograde cycle.

Saturn retreats back into Capricorn in the first week of July, as well. With all of these planets ready to jump on Emperor Orangantine’s back simultaneously, I don’t believe he stands a chance. We are already watching him self-destruct in slow motion.

I hope that I’m right. I did publish a post where I wondered if he is the Antichrist. According to the biblical prophecies identified in the article I cited, his reign on earth will end just before the Fourth of July if he is indeed the Antichrist. The astrology of early July supports the beginning of the end for Donald Trump regardless.

In his own words, “We’ll see what happens . . .”.

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