Destiny’s Child (source: Hot FM)

For a Capricorn, I can be remarkably impractical when it comes to money. But I eventually learn from my mistakes — even if it takes me what seems like a lifetime.

Over the last several weeks, since Jupiter entered Capricorn, I’ve had this nagging feeling that it was going to be more important than ever before for me to pay my bills. That was before I was laid off from work amidst the panic surrounding COVID-19. I even blogged about an impending financial crisis back in November while I was making some bold predictions about upcoming planetary transits.

So, why am I telling you this? Because I don’t want you to believe that now is a good time to increase your debt load. Creditors are dangling money in front of potential clients right now as if they are trying to help individuals affected by the worldwide lockdowns. While it’s not a bad idea to negotiate for a lower interest rate or to change the terms of a lending agreement for the better, now is not the time to go further into debt.

Saturn is about to go retrograde. When it returns to Capricorn on July 1, I predict another three months of major market volatility. It’s going to affect us all, but especially those of us who don’t actually have anything but debt.

Don’t get caught having to ask anyone to pay your bills, bills, bills for you. Even the girls of Destiny’s Child will tell you how pathetic that is. Get your finances under control now — while you still can.

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